New Orleans - still contemplating housing

I'm still thinking about New Orleans and think I will never stop. I'm not naive and I've spent a fair amount of time in parts of Detroit that are also shockingly destroyed but the level of destruction and lack of reconstruction in many parts of New Orleans is truly horrifying.

street scene - 5th ward

boarded up house - 5th ward

another boarded up house

porch - can't remember exactly where

lovely tree in Garden District

row of trees - also in the Garden District.

The difference in feel in the areas that lost all their trees compared to the Garden District, which is full of magnificent huge trees, is dramatic. Most of the trees in the 9th ward and the bits of the the 5th ward I explored are gone. All other issues aside this one is very noticable and very sad. Locals tell me the lower 9th had equal numbers of gorgeous trees before Katrina. The contrast is stark and obviously makes a huge difference in the heat of the summer.

finished Make It Right House

Make it Right house being built

Robert Green's not yet complete house

Mr Green in front of his home to be.

The Make it Right houses are not given to the people who live in them. They have to pay although what they pay is based on some sort of means test - they're not a give-away. It's a terrific program but will not build enough houses to solve the enormous problem New Orleans faces in terms of repairing/replacing thousands of homes destroyed by Katrina.


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