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Bloghop post.   I’m late in getting this up - anyone who thinks of summers as lazy calm time is living in a different world than I am.  At any rate thanks to Supria Karmakar for inviting me to participate and here is my long overdue post.
What am I working on? I’ve been working on a group of linked series in response to a monthlong residency at Canyons of the Ancients National Monument last September. Lots more about that residency here. The residency was wilderness based and left me with a strong sense of being between ground and sky as we spent days hiking in high desert during a month of dramatic storms.  In response I have been working on paintings and monotypes which are somewhat abstracted but experiential in mixed media and encaustic. The monotypes in particular are very storm focused but loose and painterly in approach. Why breathe? Making work feels essential to me and I expect it always will. Specifically making art about environment and climate comes back to my love of the outd…

Some thoughts about the Eight International Encaustic Conference

Far too long since my last post and I’ve been busy.
I recently attended the 8th International Encaustic Conference. I had not been for a number of years since the timing has coincided with kids graduating from high school and college but this year was finally able to go.  Better still, I had a professional development grant from the Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) to help with the costs.
I attended two pre-conference workshops as well as the conference and return home overwhelmed with the amount of information I need to assimilate and incorporate into my studio and professional practice. Sessions on art-making, on expanding the reach of one’s practice, on the business of art, the history of the medium, teaching standards and pedagogy, of course technical sessions on materials and techniques and lots of looking at work both in person and on screen gave me a great deal to think about.  Networking with other artists and gallerists was tremendously useful.  I sold…

CANM residency blog posts in one place.

In the interest of making it easier for those who are interested I am putting links to the blog posts from my September 2013 residency here in one place since there are multiple bloggers at the Aldo & Leonardo blog.

The Aldo and Leonardo Project placed artists in wilderness settings in 6 different biomes across the USA.  The project blog includes all of the artists plus posts by the directors of the organization behind the project Colorado Art Ranch.  The project was also funded by the Aldo Leonardo Wilderness Research Institute which is part of the Forest Service. There is a lot to see on the blog and it's worth a look.  My two co-resident artists were Esther Rogers and Benjamin McCarthy.  Esther in particular posted a great deal on the blog and her insights are very worthwhile.

My posts are below, in chronological order.

Going to the desert

On the way

First few days

Discussion of our final presentation

Reflections afterward