my work at the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce

This morning started out with installing a group of my pieces at the Ann Arbor Chamber of Commerce - a show curated by Joy Naylor and Diane Bennett of Distinct Designs. I've worked with them before and always enjoy the process. Here are a few installation views.

This is Antarctica - altar for the past and future. It's normally displayed as a standing piece but I'm quite pleased with how it looks as a wall piece.

On another front entirely I'm going to New Orleans with a group from Greenhills School. We're leaving on Sunday and will be there for more than a week as an alternate spring break doing a variety of service work. I will be posting images and reflections on the trip - some from the kids and some from me. My photography will be incorporated into a piece for the Home- Loving it, Losing it, Leaving it exhibition which I'm helping organize. Posting from New Orleans will be sporadic since I don't know just how our schedule will work as yet but it should give parents of the participants in particular a sense of what our days are like.


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