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So my residency is ending - tomorrow in fact. What have I done here? A lot of painting, a two plate etching, some drawing, a lot of talking about encaustic, curated a show, met a lot of interesting and creative people. It's been an intense couple weeks spending 10-ish hours a day in the studio. Some stuff about the residency here on the Loomis Chaffee site.

I took advantage of being out of my normal routine of have-to's to spend some time exploring ideas and approaches to painting and as a result have thoughts about the direction I want to take my work in. Not a significant departure but a building upon what I've been doing, taking it in a more painterly and more integrative direction. I'm pleased about that and looking forward to where I think it will take me.

And I'm looking forward to being home and back to my normal routine even given its mix of chaos, too much to do and not enough time to do it in! Thanks to all at Loomis Chaffee who have helped and suppo…

What have I been doing during my residency?

12 x 12" encaustic & mixed media on panel

Don't know that any of these are done but you get a sense of what I'm playing with. Some - most - are from drawings referencing satellite images - a few are over manipulated prints. Probably obvious which are which.

18 x 18" encaustic & mixed media on panel

4 x4" encaustic & mixed media on panel

18 x 18"" encaustic & mixed media on panel

12 x 12" encaustic & mixed media on panel

12 x 12" encaustic & mixed media on panel

Waxing Lyrical images

entry into Mercy Gallery - Ceccio
Here are images of the Waxing Lyrical exhibition installed. I'm pleased with how the show came together and it has received many positive comments. The opening will be Tuesday April 27 from 6:45-8:45pm. [post updated with titles and media information]

Glessner , It Entered, Encaustic, horse hair, mixed media on rusted and branded silk on wood and Scars II, encaustic, mixed media on rusted and branded silk on wood
Here, at last are the installation pix of the Waxing Lyrical exhibition at the Mercy Gallery. above - Lorraine Glessner - two multi-panel pieces.

Lorraine's diptych Come Early Morning, encaustic, human hair, mixed media on rusted and branded silk on wood

Lorraine Glessner Down Sixth Street, encaustic, horse and human hair, mixed media on rusted and branded silk on wood

Sobel -satellite& encaustic monotype - Cambridge Gulf - Australia

Sobel - Desert Coast - encaustic, digital & mixed media on panel

Sobel - encaustic, digital &…

residency and article

I'm now at the Loomis Chaffee School starting my artist-in-residence. Spent yesterday opening boxes and laying out the Waxing Lyrical exhibition at the Mercy Gallery. I'll post images once it's all installed. Was great fun yesterday opening all the boxes. Seeing the range of packaging artists used to ship their work was particularly enlightening with this show - lot of beautiful custom boxes fitted for particular pieces with foam surrounds. Unpacking and repacking those pieces was and will be a dream and the work travels and stores perfectly safely.

Meanwhile the Susan Hensel Gallery sent out a terrific article on my work to accompany the upcoming Earth and Air exhibition going up May 1.. I'm really pleased with the depth and detail with which they put it together. A lot of thought and care went into the writing - thanks Zach and Sue!

And with that I'm off to get breakfast and get to the gallery since today is installation day.

From rust belt to artist belt III - here in Detroit

I'm incredibly excited about the fact that we'll be hosting the next Rust Belt to Artist Belt conference here in Detroit. We're still working out the details on the date but I'm going to be helping put the conference together at Techtown with an amazing group of collaborators including (in no particular order!), CAID, Wayne State University, the Heidelberg Project, Russell Industrial, con/vida, Cranbrook, Arts Alliance and many others. We'll have lots more to say about the conference in the future - here's the first press on the subject at Crain's Detroit Business.