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Bloghop post.   I’m late in getting this up - anyone who thinks of summers as lazy calm time is living in a different world than I am.  At any rate thanks to Supria Karmakar for inviting me to participate and here is my long overdue post.
What am I working on? I’ve been working on a group of linked series in response to a monthlong residency at Canyons of the Ancients National Monument last September. Lots more about that residency here. The residency was wilderness based and left me with a strong sense of being between ground and sky as we spent days hiking in high desert during a month of dramatic storms.  In response I have been working on paintings and monotypes which are somewhat abstracted but experiential in mixed media and encaustic. The monotypes in particular are very storm focused but loose and painterly in approach. Why breathe? Making work feels essential to me and I expect it always will. Specifically making art about environment and climate comes back to my love of the outd…