Saturday, May 31, 2008

Public art and the Street Art Fair

A few weeks ago I wrote about doing a workshop at the Street Art Fair in July. The plans for that have changed considerably and grown into something far more exciting. The Street Art Fair, working with the Washtenaw Land Trust, has commissioned me to do a piece of public art about the ecology of Washtenaw County. This piece will start with satellite imaging and maps and include photos, drawings and stories contributed by the public. It's going to be a big piece - 4 panels each just shy of 4 feet on a side. People will have opportunities to send in their contributions in advance and to help assemble the piece at the Townie Street Party on Monday July 14th. more details to come on the specifics.

I'm very excited about this project! I love the idea of including people's memories and images in a way to document the ecology of our area. Special thanks to Shary Brown for coming up with the project and doing a lot of legwork to get it started along with Aaron Gold and Suzie Heiney.

Monday, May 19, 2008

From Rust Belt to Artist Belt

Last week I attended the conference named in this post's title. It was held in Cleveland, a city that's done a remarkable job of reinventing itself. It was a fabulous, inspiring, brain-filling experience. I went with a group of thirteen arts professionals sent by the Arts Alliance as part of the alliance's ongoing efforts to improve the visibility and economic strength of the arts here in Washtenaw County. I think there will be a lot of significant things coming out of both the conference and the larger effort.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Workshop at Ann Arbor Art Fair

Updated - this will actually be a different event at the Townie Street Party on Monday July 14th - watch this space for details about an exciting project!

I'm giving a free collage workshop at the Street Art Fair on Wednesday July 16th from 3-5pm. The workshop will be environmentally themed using satellite photos and recycled materials. If you're in town come and play! more details when the date is closer.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Place Where You Go to Listen

Composer John Luther Adams has made an installation at the Museum of the North in Fairbanks Alaska that takes weather, seismic and other data and produces a music/light piece that seems truly remarkable. Makes me want to head to Fairbanks right now! I'm fascinated by the way he has incorporated scientific data as the source for music. New Yorker article here. Brief Youtube of the installation here. h/t metafilter

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tour of the Cryosphere

This 7 minute video uses computer modeling and satellite imaging to look at changes in the coldest regions of the earth due to global warming. It's succinct and neutral in tone but the implications are very frightening. The data wasn't new to me but it's very well assembled.