New Orleans - Day Three - vampire tour

building in French Quarter

wrought iron "corn" fence

former Ursuline convent - now archive for archdioscese

night tour

Last night after dinner we drove to the French Quarter to go on a vampire tour. It was a guided walking tour around the quarter focusing on all the vampire stories, crazy mass murderer history and the like. Our guide had written a book on the subject and was keen on making things as scary as possible with limited success given a crew of teens prone to laughing at the wrong moment. It was a lovely evening to walk around the quarter looking at beautiful architecture. After the tour we went to Cafe du Monde and enjoyed beignets and café au lait - life is rough!


Kim Bunch said…
Wow, what an expierience you all are having! The pictures are very poinient, the mirror with "Help me" written on it gave me chills. It was so nice of you to post this and e-mail it, I have enjoyed it very much. It is so nice to know what you are all up to! I'm am proud of all of you! Kim Bunch

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