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Hydrology show, Convergence

Well the last month has been busy between helping my mother-in-law move, shows, conferences, school stuff, etc. Didn't realize how long it had been since I posted. I have two pieces in the Hydrology show at the Chelsea Center for the Arts. The opening is tomorrow - Friday, December 4 from 6-9 and yes I'll be there.

Tuesday was the Arts Alliance's first annual conference - Convergence. Hosted at the EMU Student Center, this half day conference addressed the creative economy. I attended a session on artspaces - work/live or just workspaces for artists created out of spaces formerly used for other things like factories, prisons, schools, etc. The session talked about legal/zoning/regulatory issues with setting up such space and was useful.

I also attended a session on the Arts Alliance's new web portal. I'm really excited about the portal - it's going to be a terrific resource for both producers of art and art events (using the word "art" in its br…

video on embedded light exhibition

This is a nice tour of the exhibition with some low-key commentary, particularly on the techniques involved in various pieces. It's a lovely way to see the show! The video is by Gilda Snowden, a Detroit artist, art professor and curator.

article about Embedded LIght

Here in the by K. Michelle Moran. Nice to see this show getting attention!

Embedded Light write-up at GPAA

There's a nice post about the Embedded Light show at the Grosse Pointe Art Center with a few pictures from the opening. The opening was well attended. The center is in a new space as of this year and has just hired a new director. While they are an old organization all of the changes make it feel young and newly energized. There is clearly a lot happening there and I hope it will continue to evolve. It's great to see a Michigan arts organization putting energy and effort into encaustic and national shows. I'm well aware of how much work it takes to put together such exhibitions so kudos to Birgit Huttemann-Holz for making it happen.

Artists in the show:

Shelly Gilchrist
Lucia O Enriquez
Lisa Frank
Leslie Sobel, 3rd prize
Bill Dillon
Alix Christian, honorable mention
MJ Selzer, 1st prize
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Christine Towner
Rae Broyles
Sherrie Posternak, honorable mention
Rodney Thompson, honorable mention
Mark Lavatelli, honorable mention
Elisabeth Burkholder
Binnie Birsten

MadeINTERationally - exhibition at Slusser Gallery

Curated by Sara Adlerstein-Gonzalez and Doug Hesseltine
Slusser Gallery, School of Art and Design University of Michigan Ann Arbor
until October 9, 2009

This is a big show - 16 artists in a range of media from paint, scultpture to video. The focus of the show is a commonality of experience: artists who have spent significant time internationally and how it informs their work. It’s a terrific show and is beautifully installed as well. The work is organic, mature and engaging and the installation intelligently allows the art to speak to each other making the whole stronger and more interesting yet.

The work ranges from Nora Venturelli’s lyrical nudes and Jordi López-Alert’s conte drawings on brown paper to highly abstract ceramics by John and Susanne Stephenson and Georgette Zirbes. The organic abstracted forms of the ceramics play beautifully off of Sara Adlerstein-Gonzalez’s paintings and Takeshi Takahara’s intaglio prints on an interesting range of substrates incl…

Embedded Light national encaustic show

Yesterday I delivered my three pieces to this national encaustic show juried by Chris McCauley. The exhibition is at the Grosse Pointe Art Center and the opening is Friday October 9 from 6:30 to 9:30pm. Here are my pieces in the show:

Greenland - ice and water, 18 x 24", encaustic & mixed media

breakthrough melt, 24 x 24", encaustic & mixed media

Greenland - melting channels, 24 x 24", encaustic & mixed media on panel

It looks like it will be an interesting exhibition with a wide range of work.

From rust belt to artist belt II - second of many....

I spent two days last week in Cleveland at From Rust Belt to Artist Belt II - a really terrific conference. I expect to write about it quite a bit. The conference focuses on transforming post-industrial cities in the midwest. It is put together by the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC) in Cleveland. This year's conference was held in a number of arts venues which have been redeveloped in Cleveland - the Gordon Square Arts District and the 78th Street Studios - the latter is a former industrial space now houseing studios, galleries and other art space. There were multiple sessions and I'll write about a number of them over time but today I'm going to focus on the keynote.

The conference started out with a terrific keynote given by Ralf Ebert who spoke on Transformation Thru Culture and Culture thru Transformation. Ebert is a city planner - he is one of the cofounders of Stadtart and their site describes their work thus: Our team develops ideas, solut…

ArtPrize & Rust Belt to Artist Belt

This article appeared in last Sunday's Monroe Evening News. I'm the last of the three artists discussed so you need to read down to the end. My piece will be at Spectrum Health - at 100 Michigan NE, Grand Rapids.

On another front entirely I'll be presenting my "sky river" project to "Rate My Project" - a panel of public art experts at the second Rust Belt to Artist Belt conference in Cleveland later this week. I'm hoping for good (useful, that is) feedback on the project and on community based public art projects in general.

Rust Belt to Artist Belt 2

I'm very excited about going to the second Rust Belt to Artist Belt conference in Cleveland this week. Last year's conference was full of great ideas, resources and people doing amazing things to reinvent post-industrial cities. I'm looking forward to being a part of it this year again! More to come from the conference later this week.

galleries - Chicago part 2 - & more trees

We visited a lot of galleries in Chicago of course. Two that really stood out - and that I try to get to regularly are Packer Schopf in the West Loop and Melanie Cooper in River North. Aron Packer was in the midst of installing his next show - image above - works of Karen Savage - but was kind enough to invite us in and spend a lot of time chatting about the work. The images are photograms - direct exposures where the object - beautiful infant dresses - are placed on photosensitive paper and then developed. They felt like the ghosts of the Valerie Mann show I wrote about a few months ago - graphical and compelling.

We went to Melanie Cooper the next day and had an equally long and interesting talk with her about encaustic and various artists.

I was shocked by the disappearance of a number of galleries that seem to be casualties of the economy. Flatfile apparently closed in March. A number of others seem to have disappeared as well. Unsurprising but sad.


I went ba…

looking at art in Chicago

Twombly, Salalah, Acrylic on wood panel,96 x 144 in. (243.8 x 365.8 cm)
My friend Martha and I made a quick trip to Chicago for a couple days to see the Cy Twombly show at the Art Institute.Cy Twombly: The Natural World, Selected Works 2000–2007 May 16–October 11, 2009 It's a show of work in a variety of media from photography, paint on paper, sculpture and truly heroically scaled paintings. The disparate range of the work is striking. The paintings are wonderfully gestural - no surprise from Twombly. We appreciated how well installed the exhibition was - with really good curatorial notes that added to one's enjoyment and understanding of the work. That's often a week point of shows so I'm very glad to see it. I've reproduced my two favorite pieces from this exhibition. If anyone knows what kind of paper Twombly used for the series the piece below is part of, I'd be most interested to know.

Untitled, 2001Acrylic, wax crayon, and collage on paper, 48 3/4 x…

2 paintings

summer grove - PA, 12" x 16", mixed media and encaustic on paper on ragboard

solo pine, 24" x 24", mixed media and encaustic on panel

Two new pieces - both shown here with digital source alone earlier, now as completed pieces.

summer views

grove of trees seen from old railbed bike/hiking trail in Pennsylvania

Lately I seem to be working entirely on images based on places I've been camping and hiking. Not a bad state of affairs. We haven't gone anywhere really exotic this summer - I seem to be focused on woodland and lake and river scenes in the midwest and east.
Sleeping Bear panorama

Both of these images are the basis of paintings - I'll post those later - the upper source has a mostly finished painting I need to shoot, the lower is very early on. Lot of digital work in both images of course.

Somehow lately I seem more grounded in painting where I am, whether it's from an aerial point of view or from a view I could shoot myself.

support the Arts Alliance - challenge grant

On Tuesday August 18th there will be a wonderful opportunity to help the Arts Alliance raise funds. The Community Foundation for SE Michigan has issued a challenge - starting at 10am on the morning of the 18th they will match $1 for every $2 donated online until the $1 million available has all been pledged. The money is targeted to a number of arts and cultural non-profits in the region.

I'm hosting a party at My Favorite Cafe in downtown Saline starting at 9:30 that morning to collect donations. We'll be raffling off some artwork, hope for some live music and will have a good time raising money for the Arts Alliance. So come join Lynne Friman, Terri Sibo and me at 101 S. Ann Arbor St., Saline.

- or you can go to a similar gathering in Ann Arbor at Sweetwater's Café. 123 W. Washington St. from 9a.m.-1p.m. Participating arts and cultural organizations - 7 total - will be at this event. There'll be an hourly raffle! Stop by for good causes, good coffee, and good times…

new painting

This is the starting point for a big new encaustic - it will end up being 24" x 24" and probably a long way from this image, shot at the Matthai Botanical Gardens. I've been spending a lot of time walking there and at the arb lately - good for both artistic ideas and finding a peaceful space in the midst of a busy, fragmented summer.

What happened to July?

Guess it's a clear sign of what a crazy month it has been when I don't post for more than 3 weeks. July was consumed by work, sky river and Art Fair, houseguests, a camping trip up north and working on my piece for Art Prize. So here are some images....
working on the sky river mosaic at the Street Art Fair

thanks to Dad and Liz Soll for the pix!

Sleeping Bear rough panorama

dune grass and view of South Manitou Island

Sleeping Bear Aerial - this is my submission for Art Prize - lots more info to come once I have a venue.

Art Fair

comp - what the proposed piece will look like

Next week is Art Fair. I don't have a booth but will be doing two workshops at the Street Art Fair's big activity tent on Wednesday and Thursday both from 3-5pm. These workshops will be on the sky river project. There is not yet a process through which I can actually apply for the piece to be funded and installed in the site I designed it for - the roof of the Maynard Street Parking Structure. Despite that we're going to start a reduced version of the piece.

The proposed piece is a community based piece of environmentally focused public art using recycled materials - plastic snow fence and plastic jug lids - to portray the Huron River based from modified satellite images. During the workshops we'll start assembling a shorter section of the piece. As planned, it will be 125 feet long. Lacking approval and storage for such a big project we'll do a 12 foot chunk instead!

Come and see me and help attach hundreds of bottlecaps …

The Print

Huron River Triptych

This piece will be in The Print at the Ann Arbor Art Center. The opening is on Friday June 26 from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the Exhibitions Gallery. The piece is digital, chine collé and encaustic on Rives BFK paper. I began with chunks of the satellite map of the county which have been a big part of my work for more than a year now thanks to two public art pieces - one finished and installed and one still, hopefully, pending.

Meanwhile I'm working on more boxes and am documenting the process so will post pictures of the development of at least one of them rather than just the completed piece - but not yet!