New Orleans - Day One - getting there.

on the train

we set out from Ann Arbor at 1pm on Sunday April 5 - 27 of us - 21 kids in grades 7-11, 4 teachers, one mother and one grandfather. We took the train to Chicago and then changed trains to the City of New Orleans - a 20+ hour train trip. The leg into Chicago was late so we ate dinner at the food court at Union Station in Chicago.

The long train trip was fine - a peaceful time while kids played games, watched movies, slept, ate, slept, read, ate junk food and slept some more. When we got to New Orleans at about 2:30 Gail, Amanda and Neil got picked up by the car rental company and came back with 2 oversize vans and one mini-van. Dave, Dad (Alan - the grandfather on the trip) and I rode herd on the kids. We then drove to the house - run by Mustard Seed Ministries where we're staying.

Nick's views out the rear of the train

loading the vans at Union Station - NOLA

settling in at the house

This evening is being spent settling in, doing some errands, finding a spot for everyone to sleep and the like. Tomorrow we'll divide up and go to work with a number of organizations including a group in the Lower 9th Ward, St Bernard Parish & Animal Rescue New Orleans. Tonight we're just glad to be here and off the train!


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