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Painting as jazz - improvisation and exploration in the studio

Rippled, encaustic & mixed media on panel, 24 x 32", ©2011

Painting as jazz

When I started working on the pieces for Immersed I spent a lot of time thinking about my painting process. It’s been a very intellectually driven kind of activity, focused heavily on the content of the work and the integration of data/mapping with paint and other imagery. Kathi Reiester challenged me to paint about “just water - just surface, appearance, beauty, sensation”. A good challenge; one that forced me to loosen up and just let my arm swing. It didn’t hurt that these images are all based on photos I shot at a beautiful place - Wingaersheek Beach on Cape Ann, visited with my friend Lynda Cole a few years back.

Wingaersheek Ripples XIV, digital and encaustic monotype, 16 x 20" © 2011

Wingaersheek Ripples V, digital and encaustic monotype, 16 x 20" © 2011

These days I listen to jazz in the studio as I paint. Specifically I listen to my local NPR jazz station WEMU so Linda Yohn and Mi…

Immersed and other events

I have a piece inGame ShowNYC. This interactive exhibition is at the Macy Gallery at Teachers College, Columbia University NY. If you're in the area the opening reception is Friday May 27. Unfortunately I won't get there but I'm thrilled to be part of it. More on the show at the organizers' blog.

More locally I've got new work at WSG and Artistica. And on this Thursday May 19th is the reception for the Immersed exhibition at the Gallery at the Duderstadt Center, University of Michigan. This water themed show ties in with the UM water semester and features Kathi Reister's photography and sound installations and my encaustic paintings and monotypes.

Fjord, Ice & Water, encaustic, digital & mixed media, 28 x 40" ©2011

Rippled, encaustic, digital & mixed media, 24 x 32" ©2011

Wingaersheek Ripples I, digital and encaustic monotype, 16 x 20", ©2011

Immersed, installation view w/sound dome

Immersed, installation view

Wingaersheek Ri…