Sunday, July 20, 2008

workshop at Yourist Studio

I taught a workshop in encaustic a few weeks ago. I've been so busy that it's taken me until now to upload a few images from that weekend of my students and some of the terrific work they produced that weekend.

Amazing painter

I discovered the work of Dino Vallis via Metafilter today. He's an astonishing Spanish artist working in egg tempera, casein and oil. His work is very disturbing and beautifully rendered.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

ecology of place

In process but not yet complete, here is one of 4 BIG prints mounted on panel, more to be collaged on at the Townie Street Party on Monday.
[edited to fix upload problem]

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

more on the ecology of place

I'm getting lots of wonderful images sent to me for this project. The range of animals and plants living in our county is pretty amazing. And all the bits and pieces are starting to really come together - I'll see proofs of the four big prints (45" x 45" each!) tonight.

Here's a teaser - one of my photos of a bog. To get to it one has to hike through a swamp. I went along on my daughter's AP biology field trip there a while ago and the amount of mud some of the kids ended up coated in was truly impressive. It's an interesting place and truly quakes under one's feet since the ground is lots of sphagnum moss.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Where we live - the ecology of place

I'm doing a public art project on the ecology of Washtenaw County. This collaborative art project will include the images and words of many people living in the area. It will be partially assembled the night of the Townie Street Party at the Original Street Art Fair on Monday July 14th. If you want to contribute images or words of places, animals or plants within the county send me email or bring them to the TSP. The piece is starting with big satellite images and maps of the county combined with other imagery. It will be big - 4 panels, each 45" x 45". The base prints will be produced by Foto1.