Day 4 - New Orleans

Mack talking to kids about the day's work and how important what they're doing is in helping rebuild a community where only 5% of the elderly residents have been able to return.

Today half our group went to GreenLight New Orleans and the rest of us went back to the 9th Ward Village where we met with Mack McClendon, continued to work on building a computer lab, setting up the warehouse to work with Rebuild Green and assorted other projects. Mack is an amazing guy who's building a functioning community center with very little in the way of resources. You'll hear more about him and the 9th ward over the next few days.

Gail & Mack

sign for the center

one of the many boarded up houses we drove by constantly

After lunch we went to a city park - one of the biggest in the country at 1300 acres, it had been neglected for years after Katrina. Since then more than 25,000 volunteers have helped clear brush that went uncut for years and that's what we worked on for hours. It was hard work and we were all very glad that it was unseasonably cool.

Jim - park grounds guy who got us started and provided tools

clearing brush

One of many beautiful houses near Tulane - an area far more fully recovered than the lower 9th or St Bernard Parish - the differences are striking.

Dinner was courtesy of Bill Canning (Greenhills parent) at Tulane University and was followed by a couple of very welcome hours at the rec center. A long and physically demanding day full of contrasts.


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