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Materiality - resin and mixed media

Ever since my residency on the Eclipse Icefield I’ve been exploring ways to make work about climate in different ways. I’ve also started working in resin in the last year and it seems a natural material to explore ideas about melt and the change in lakes, glaciers and watersheds associated with climate change.

I’ve done a number of small, exploratory pieces as I work with resin as well - letting me try different techniques combining it with glass, metallic and other pigments and collage elements. Resin for me turns out to be a wonderful unifier of other media, pulling disparate elements together in what can end up a more polished, cohesive whole.

In the course of my explorations Art Resin gave me a small sample to play with. Support is nice as it’s not an inexpensive material and my larger pieces can go through quite a bit of it. I like their particular formulation - it’s non-toxic, doesn’t heat up as much as some other epoxies while curing and has been pretty easy to work with. I…