Monday, February 17, 2014

CANM residency blog posts in one place.

In the interest of making it easier for those who are interested I am putting links to the blog posts from my September 2013 residency here in one place since there are multiple bloggers at the Aldo & Leonardo blog.

The Aldo and Leonardo Project placed artists in wilderness settings in 6 different biomes across the USA.  The project blog includes all of the artists plus posts by the directors of the organization behind the project Colorado Art Ranch.  The project was also funded by the Aldo Leonardo Wilderness Research Institute which is part of the Forest Service. There is a lot to see on the blog and it's worth a look.  My two co-resident artists were Esther Rogers and Benjamin McCarthy.  Esther in particular posted a great deal on the blog and her insights are very worthwhile.

My posts are below, in chronological order.

Going to the desert

On the way

First few days

Discussion of our final presentation

Reflections afterward