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Images from Paula Roland's Advanced Encaustic Monotype workshop

Recently I was able to spend a couple weeks in New Mexico culminating in taking Paula Roland's Advanced Encaustic Monotype workshop.  What a wonderful experience!  Paula is a fabulous teacher and was ably assisted by Hylla Evans.  Hylla's deep knowledge of color and paint-making added a great deal.  The other participants in the class brought  interesting ideas and work to share making for a tremendous, immersive art retreat with lots of interesting discussion of technique, materials and approach to art-making.  
I have been fighting with  being blocked for months  after completing a large body of work for a solo show.  Best possible cure:  surround yourself with other artists and wonderful teachers, bringing focus and clarity while exploring new ways to use a  medium I've worked in for many years. 
 Below are a few of the pieces created in that week in  Santa Fe.  They clearly continue to build on the aerial landscape theme I've worked with for  years. My interest in…