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satellite imaging sites I use

Couldn't live without these!

Nasa's Earth observatory

Nasa Earth from Space - searchable in variety of ways

Earth as Art

and just cool spaceweather

reliquary-shattered ice

This is a new piece. It's encaustic and satellite imagery and mixed media. Closed it's ~6" x 4" x 6.5". Open it's ~ 11" x 8" x 6". It was inspired by satellite photos of the Crary Ice Rise in Antarctica and an ice field in Greenland but diverges from both.


Couple of interesting links.

The first is a flickr pool of Japanese HDR photography - quite remarkable - they look more painted than photographic.

Second is the site for a documentary in the making about the massive disappearance of bees. As an artist working with beeswax this is obviously of considerable interest - aside from the question of what's going to pollinate all our fruits, vegetables and grains if there are no more bees.

antarctica - altar for the past & future

New piece - this incorporates satellite imagery including infrared images of melt zones and the ozone hole and schematics of the currents around Antarctica. The piece is a hinged dyptich - 2 panels, each 27 x 27 x 1", ©2008