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Dynamic Digitals - 2 person show at Dexter Library

This morning Judith Jacobs and I delivered our work to the Dexter Library for our two person show curated by Distinct Designs.  That is a lot of D's - awfully alliterative!  Judith and I have both incorporated digital tools in our art-making for many years.  We're also two of the founding members of the now moribund Art Alchemists collective of digital artists.  All things have a lifespan so the group is no longer active although many of us still use digital tools in our work.  My work in this show are landscapes, primarily woods and water.  They are a mix of digital prints manipulated in Photoshop and printed on my large format HP printer and combined with encaustic on paper, on panel and in 3 dimensions.  The show will be up until June 20th at the Dexter Library.  Note - there is a lot of construction near the library at the moment so if you go you need to drive in via 5th to Alpine rather than simply turning off Main Street because Main is closed. This is  a selecti…

New monotypes

These pieces will be part of my upcoming solo show at Kerrytown Concert House.  I've been doing mainly river channel focused work for quite a while and these pieces continue that interest.  I'm fascinated by the meandering lines rivers take, driven by details of contour in the landscape as well as human intervention. These works are intended to be spontaneous, calligraphic and intimate in nature although they are fairly good-sized.  Most are 22 x 30.