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My adventures on the Eclipse Icefield

Now that I’ve been back for a while I have had a chance to digest the experience. I got back to a family crisis and have been utterly subsumed in caregiving - which has made re-entry challenging and follow-up work temporarily impossible. Now that things are more under control I’m back to work!  So a long recap with lots of details about the day to day life on the ice but also loads of pix. 

There were five of us on this trip - Seth Campbell, Karl Kreutz and two grad students -Will Kochtitzkyand Brittany Main - and me. Seth works largely with ground penetrating radar for his research. His long time scientific partner and senior scientist Karl Kreutz takes snow samples and ice cores to do chemical analysis to date when snow fell in what amount and where the moisture came from. Karl is a professor at the University of Maine- which is one of the four institutions Seth currently works with - the life of a scientist funded by soft money is complex to say the very least.
Will and Brittany are…

Wilderness based science-inspired art and why I need to go

Anyone who has followed my work for any length of time knows about my deep interest and concern with climate change. My work has incorporated and been influenced by scientific images and data for many years over a variety of subject matters but especially since I've been making climate/environmentally focused work. And people who know me also know that I'm an avid hiker who loves to get out into the backcountry. People have asked me why I like to get into the field and what the relationship between that lived experience and scientific concepts have in my art-making.
There are a number of reasons. First and foremost is my need to connect a deep emotional experience with scientific understanding. I'm the daughter of two scientists in a family full of scientists so I grew up always expecting a scientific baseline to discussing things. I am not a technical illustrator nor do I want to just make graphs and charts. To make art about climate I need to experience it, be in it and s…