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the trip home

When I set out towards home I knew I wanted to make a detour on the way to Storm King. Storm King is an art center and a nature preserve near the Hudson River. It's a staggering place - 500 acres littered with sculptures ranging in size from human scale to astonishingly huge. They limit photography out of copyright concerns but these photos, taken with my crappy cell phone camera will give you a feel for the scope and the beauty of the place. I spent a happy 3 hours wandering and could easily have spent days if it weren't for my need to cover 600 more miles between there and home.

It was about 90 degrees and I was nervous about a car full of encaustic paintings even though it was parked in the shadiest corner I could find. The paintings survived the heat though.
The vistas here are just lovely. Living in a very flat part of Michigan I particularly appreciate the ups and downs of the terrain here!

Andy Goldsworthy undulating wall - it's more than 2000 feet long and is bu…