Nice review of Nano, Micro, Macro

is here.

Meanwhile my life has been largely taken up with starting the Milan Art Center. I've been blogging about it here and haven't been in the studio as much as I'd like right now between a lot of teaching and getting the art center started. Its first fundraiser is this weekend - a silent auction and flea market and the outpouring of community support is really inspiring.

Meanwhile the aforementioned teaching took me to Kalamazoo a few weeks ago to teach a long intensive encaustic workshop to a group of gifted high school students through a remarkable program called 4 weekends at the KIA run by ESA . Here are some images from the workshop - bright, creative kids + incredibly supportive organization= delightful weekend of teaching.

student piece

MJ (fellow teacher and director of the Water Street Gallery) and student

working on encaustic assemblage piece

assorted student work from the workshop

painting with encaustic


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