art + teaching + arts administration = juggling

As many people who know me are aware, I've been working with the Arts Alliance for a while and more recently focusing intensively on getting the Milan Area Arts Council's new art center up and started. The art center blog shows photos of the progress we've been making getting the facility ready to go. I'm working with other board members on curriculum development, business plan and other programming. Meanwhile wearing my artist hat I'm getting ready to hang one group show (Nano, Micro, Macro), drop off work for another (Family and Friends at WSG), teaching a lot and planning for an upcoming artist-in-residency. Balance? More like balancing act! I can't complain - it's an exciting time and I'm very pleased that all these things are ticking along. I worry about dropping balls or not doing full justice to any of these projects but so far momentum, adrenaline and a lot of list making are carrying me along. (not to mention a supportive spouse and kids doing their part!) It's a slightly tenuous balance depending on no disasters - so far, so good.


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