walk in the rain

It's finals week so I've had a lot of small chunks of time between dropping kids off for exams and then collecting them. Today I had two hours so I went for a walk in the Matthai Botanical Gardens. The weather was very threatening but didn't start pouring until I was on my way back to school to pick up my daughter. Not too bad!

I go to Matthai fairly often but always find new things to look at. They've done some wonderfully creative landscaping with many gardens built around themes - typical ones like herb gardens, flower gardens and more unusual ones like wetlands, little urban pocket gardens and a woodland wildflower garden out appopriately enough in the woods.

Today I walked in the gardens and in the woods. I was focusing on ideas for boxes and shot plants and flowers partly with that in mind, thinking about insides and outsides, hidden secrets, textures and color. I've come to really love the midwestern landscapes. Not dramatic or stark like the desert but so lovely and with hidden pleasures revealed to a patient eye.

There were a LOT of bees in this poppy. Oddly enough I saw no bees in the red or pink poppies, just in the white ones.

These plants are tiny and vivid - so bright against the grey day.

I love the delicacy of these.

This beautiful Eastern Bluebird let me follow him for quite a while. This is the closest picture I got before he finally flew off.

Unfortunately I have no pix of the deer I startled out in the woods. I was on one side of Fleming Creek and they were on the other. They backed off into the woods just enough that I couldn't get a good shot and stuck around watching me for quite a while.


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