boxes, boxes

I've been making a series of shrines and reliquaries for several years in found boxes. Here are the two latest in the series. Most of the series have focused on places that are endangered in some way. These two are a bit different. I've been struggling lately - the unremittingly bad news and other things going on make me feel overwhelmed by all the terrible things happening in the world. I decided to make little reliquaries of places I'd like to be, to escape to. So these pieces are meant to be places of beauty and peace that one can open and go into for a bit of respite. They are from places and times I've been and felt peaceful, creative and content - I hope you will find that in them as well.

Two at dusk at Wingaersheek beach - from last summer's encaustic conference. Found cigar box, encaustic, digital

L at Wingaersheek, found file box, encaustic & digital
Today I went and got a whole pile of really nice cigar boxes - lots more projects to come!


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