Where We Live - The Ecology of Place

Today is the day my public art piece Where We Live - The Ecology of Place will be presented to the county at at County Commissioners Meeting. The piece was commissioned by the Street Art Fair and the Washtenaw Land Trust. I'm thrilled about this project. I was able to collaborate with a lot of people to make it happen - people at the county and the Land Trust provided me with high resolution satellite maps and GIS layers showing protected land, wetlands and wooded areas. Many people around the county sent me photos and words to incorporate. Susan Lackey and Suzanne Heiney of the Land Trust helped make it possible as did Aaron Gold at the Street Art Fair. I have to extend special thanks to Shary Brown, whose ideas, energy and enthusiasm made the project happen.


Karon Leigh said…
Congratulations Leslie! I'm veryexcited for you and am looking forward to seeing you and your work when I'm back in A2 in July!

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