new year and new art

Boy it's been far longer since I last posted than I realized. Somehow the winter holidays just take over my life entirely. While it was lovely seeing family and having a houseful of guests getting back to a routine that includes regular time in the studio and quiet feels very good just now.

I "met" an encaustic artist over the net - hi Karon! and have added her to my blogroll. She lives in the southwest. I'd love to have views like hers from my studio windows!

I've continued to do a lot of encaustic monotypes and have a group of them along with some works on panel at Yourist Studio Gallery in Ann Arbor. The monotypes are small, loose works on paper. They feel very exploratory and freeing to me so I'm really enjoying working this way. I'm in the process of assembling a couple of hotboxes so I'll be able to do much bigger ones - all that's left to do is the wiring now so I'll be up and running with them by the end of this week I hope.

These four pieces are all multiple layers of encaustic on kozo done directly on the heated palette. Not really monotypes if one is going to be technically accurate about it. They're all 6 x 6" and are mounted on cradled panels.


On a Whimsey said…
Love them! But then I love all encaustics!
Supria Karmakar said…
love these pieces Leslie...hope to see you again at the Encaustic Conference this coming June?

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