Art Fair

comp - what the proposed piece will look like

Next week is Art Fair. I don't have a booth but will be doing two workshops at the Street Art Fair's big activity tent on Wednesday and Thursday both from 3-5pm. These workshops will be on the sky river project. There is not yet a process through which I can actually apply for the piece to be funded and installed in the site I designed it for - the roof of the Maynard Street Parking Structure. Despite that we're going to start a reduced version of the piece.

The proposed piece is a community based piece of environmentally focused public art using recycled materials - plastic snow fence and plastic jug lids - to portray the Huron River based from modified satellite images. During the workshops we'll start assembling a shorter section of the piece. As planned, it will be 125 feet long. Lacking approval and storage for such a big project we'll do a 12 foot chunk instead!

Come and see me and help attach hundreds of bottlecaps to snowfence. If the full project goes forward someday I'll need to collect 20,000 caps. For next week I need about 650 or so and fortunately, thanks to a few very enthused people I have more than I need. In fact, I came home today to find a big bag of caps on my porch waiting for me - without a clear indication of who was so kind. Thanks Suzanne - I think! And if it was someone else I hope they'll tell me so I can thanks them!


Vanessa said…
We've got a community mosaic project underway here - not as repurposed though. I'm hinting though by way of sharing links. Will you be adding detail pictures?

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