Embedded Light write-up at GPAA

There's a nice post about the Embedded Light show at the Grosse Pointe Art Center with a few pictures from the opening. The opening was well attended. The center is in a new space as of this year and has just hired a new director. While they are an old organization all of the changes make it feel young and newly energized. There is clearly a lot happening there and I hope it will continue to evolve. It's great to see a Michigan arts organization putting energy and effort into encaustic and national shows. I'm well aware of how much work it takes to put together such exhibitions so kudos to Birgit Huttemann-Holz for making it happen.

Artists in the show:

Shelly Gilchrist
Lucia O Enriquez
Lisa Frank
Leslie Sobel, 3rd prize
Bill Dillon
Alix Christian, honorable mention
MJ Selzer, 1st prize
Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Christine Towner
Rae Broyles
Sherrie Posternak, honorable mention
Rodney Thompson, honorable mention
Mark Lavatelli, honorable mention
Elisabeth Burkholder
Binnie Birsten
Margo Mullen, 2nd prize
Yvonne Buijs- Mancuso
Cari Hernandez
Birgit Huttemann- Holz

I couldn't find links for some of the artists but will be happy to add them if anyone contacts me with them.


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