Encaustic conference

My brain is full! So many wonderful sessions from so many talented artists over the course of the last few days. I met many lively, interesting artists doing terrific work and learned a lot. See my sidebar for links to many of the artists' sites.

I was lucky enough to take a workshop from Kay Walkingstick and that was incredibly useful. I came away with much food for thought about how to push my work further to better communicate the ideas that drive it.


Supria said…
Hi Leslie:

Sounds like Kay Walkingstick's workshop was awesome --- it is true, for me anyway, that trying to communicate the ideas that drive the art is very important, but difficult to do...sometimes really being connected to the meaning behind the work is difficult to find...I only really find that in the journalling, solitude time and connection to the nature around me...I would love to hear more about your process around communicating the meaning and ideas behind your work....that would be lovely - Good luck with your journey and art making.

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