Encaustic conference

This week I'm off to the 2nd National Encaustic Conference. I'm really excited - it's going to be a chance to learn at lot, look a lot and be utterly immersed in my favorite medium for an intense week.

Also gives me a good chance to feel guilty since I'm leaving my kids to get through finals week without me. Guess we'll all survive but I'm not going off entirely relaxed and focused. Always pulled in a couple directions - the reality of working motherhood.


lingkupitang said…
Supria said…
HI Leslie:

We met in Rockport, MASS. Sunday at the encaustic gallery reception, Wenniger Gallery...I love your work, just checked it out on your site..particular favorites of mine are your MICRO series....absolutely delightful.
Keep in touch. I would love to see if we could hook up again, as I enjoyed our chat about music, kids and art in general. I loved our connection so much thought I would link you to my latest post...let me know if I can list you as a link too....check it out when you can...take care, hope your travel home was safe.
Blog: www.supriasdesigns-encausticmusings.blogspot.com

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