Art Walk - afterwards

Art walk this year was a lot of fun
 although it was certainly exhausting.  I shared Margaret Parker's space at her generous invitation.  Between us and musician Ken Kozora and Margaret's film collaborators we had a constant stream of visitors. The pieces shown here all started as demo pieces during Art Walk and were all finished at home in my own studio a few days later. 

I'm exploring more abstracted takes on aerial landscapes here, inspired in part by a series of antique maps of the Mississippi which I found on Radical Cartography.  These pieces are all encaustic and mixed media on paper using techniques inspired by Paula Roland's amazing work.  My aim in working on paper and using monotype techniques is to be looser and more improvisational in my work while still taking on some of the same content issues in my work.

 These pieces are all fairly small - none larger than 10 x 13.

Photos of my demonstration at Margaret Parker Studio, all taken by Bonnie Wylo


sally said…
Leslie, I saw you at artwalk, nice way to vamp up the demo's! I like your work. Do you post workshops on your blog? Are you the gallery in Milan? I've only just drove by when it's closed.
Leslie said…
hi Sally-

Thanks! I do post workshops - don't have any currently scheduled, will be teaching in the new year and will post when the details are set.

I'm not the person with the gallery space - I know her and she's recently moved out of town. Are you the Sally I chatted with last night?
sally said…
I'm not the Sally you chatted with last night I'm the Sally with encaustic paints!

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