Sustainable Centerpieces project

I've been working with the Ecology Center on their upcoming 40th Anniversary Fundraiser. They invited me to coordinate a different sort of art fundraiser than the usual "donate your work and write off just the materials because you like our cause." Instead, we're doing something much more interesting: artists were invited to create Sustainable Centerpieces - small sculptures which reference one of the themes the Ecology Center focuses on like wind power, recycling, water use, etc. The pieces will be sold by silent auction at the upcoming Nov 17th dinner featuring Van Jones and dinner at the Michigan League- you can buy tickets here. What's unique about this? The artists will take home most of the proceeds of the sale of their work, sharing a cut with the Ecology Center. We're excited about this as a more collaborative way of raising funds and supporting both a terrific organization and the artists working with them. There are 21 artists contributing a total of 35 pieces to the project - below is a small sampling - I'll post more in the coming days.

Barbara Melnik Carson Recycling Outside a Small Circle of Friends

Sobel - resevoir
Sobel - coil tree
Sobel - cable tree

Rick Lieder Capturing the Last Joyride

Mike Sivak Reliquary

Laila Kujala

Rick De Troyer

Barbara Brown

Jill Love & Mary Bowe - Earth


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