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I'm looking for your help. For this project I'm putting together images, maps and words about how people have changed the environment here in Washtenaw County. Is your backyard full of garlic mustard? Place you like to paddle on the Huron now devoid of beneficial mussels? Banks full of purple loosestrife? I'm looking for your images and your words and I need them soon.
I'm also looking for mapping of invasive plants and animals in the county - if you have maps that you're willing to let me use please contact me!

This project will be assembled the night of the Townie Street Party - Monday July 19th at Ingalls Mall.

You can email me your images and words - to

You can also bring them to the Townie Street Party from 5:00pm - 9:30pm

And please help me spread the word - time is running short and I'm looking for more material!


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