residency and article

I'm now at the Loomis Chaffee School starting my artist-in-residence. Spent yesterday opening boxes and laying out the Waxing Lyrical exhibition at the Mercy Gallery. I'll post images once it's all installed. Was great fun yesterday opening all the boxes. Seeing the range of packaging artists used to ship their work was particularly enlightening with this show - lot of beautiful custom boxes fitted for particular pieces with foam surrounds. Unpacking and repacking those pieces was and will be a dream and the work travels and stores perfectly safely.

Meanwhile the Susan Hensel Gallery sent out a terrific article on my work to accompany the upcoming Earth and Air exhibition going up May 1.. I'm really pleased with the depth and detail with which they put it together. A lot of thought and care went into the writing - thanks Zach and Sue!

And with that I'm off to get breakfast and get to the gallery since today is installation day.


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