New Year and art exhibitions coming soon

Unsurprisingly the holiday month zoomed by crazily fast with family coming and going, kids doing exams, my mother-in-law moving here and related chaos. Mostly good but I'm definitely ready to get back to a routine in the studio and that's a good thing because I have a lot of shows coming up very fast.

In February the two of note are at WSG in Ann Arbor where I'm participating in their family and friends exhibition (Thanks Lynda!). Also in Februrary-March I'm part of a group show with Anastasios John Hart and Sara Adlerstein Gonzalez - Nano, Micro, Macro - a Matter of Scale at the Duderstadt Gallery. John does nanotechnology and Sara is the micro - paintings based on microscopic images - I'm macro of course with my satellite-based images. (best place to see Sara's work online just now is in this blog back a few entries). Duderstadt is a big space and we're planning an exhibition which will include interactive components as well as paintings and prints - I'm excited!


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