Home show - opening images

my piece "climate change game"

Here are a few images from the opening of the Home - Loving it, Losing it, Leaving it show - just in time for the end of the exhibition since it comes down after tomorrow.
Mashawnta Armstrong's big blueprint piece

installation view of my piece "NOLA dreams - after the flood"

Christy Kelley-Bengten's installation piece

installation view of exhibition including Alejandra Chaverri's two encaustic on digital print's and Robin Wilt's Anxiety flags.

looking through Margaret Parker's Escape/Return

another view of Margaret's piece

Candace Compton Pappas' painting and installation "offering"

photos taken by Sam Sobel


Anonymous said…
I'm so happy to see these excellent pictures of the Ann Arbor exhibit especially since I live in Battle Creek and was not able to attend the opening reception!


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