installation views at sweetwaters AND ecology of place installed

Here are some views of the show now that it's up at Sweetwaters in downtown Ann Arbor. I'm really pleased with how the pieces work. You'll have to go see if you're local - and go see the other artists' work which I mostly don't picture here.

And here's the ecology of place installed in its home at the Washtenaw County's LLRC. The county did a nice job of installing it. Something like 40,000 people use this room every year so it will be seen by a lot of folks!

While I'm posting away I will also link to the CAID - contemporary art institute of detroit. CAID has done a lot of terrific programming - shows, projects and classes in Detroit. This economy is stressing all non-profits and young ones like the CAID are particularly in need of support. Their current membership drive is looking for $6 per person and will help them to keep providing art classes to people in South West Detroit and putting on really cutting edge art in both of their spaces. Full disclosure - I've shown there and have projects brewing with them currently and would be very sorry to see them be yet another casualty of this horrible economic climate.


Supria Karmakar said… seem like you have been 'on fire' your new work is fantastic, full of texture, yummy colour and it.....congrats on the new sho...sorry i will miss you this year at the Encaustic conference...
Thinking of you.

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