class at Yourist Studio this fall

I'm teaching a weekly encaustic class at the Yourist Studio starting Sept 29. No prior encaustic experience necessary.

Those of us who enjoy working with clay, can appreciate texture and relief in other mediums. As clay is an ancient medium, so is encaustic. Until recently, encaustic has been all but forgotten and is now undergoing a resurgence of popularity. This is not a ceramic technique but one using the medium of pigment and beeswax combined to create relief paintings on various types of substrate including, but not limited to, wood, tile, sheetrock, plexiglass. We will explore basic painting technique w/encaustic as well as utilizing drawing or digital imagery as underlayer. We will also learn to work with Image transfers, collage, poured encaustic and the building up of texture. This class is a continuation of our summer workshop as well as an introduction for beginners.

For more information about Encaustics

Instructor: Leslie Sobel
10 week class tuition: $295 Lab fee: $25 (wax medium) There will be a list of materials for you to bring to class

Monday evenings: Sep 29 - Dec 1, 7:00 - 10:00
To download the registration form go here


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